Wednesday, March 24, 2010


We just got out of our first All Staff Meeting with our new Athletic Director, Greg Byrne and all of us in the equipment room are very excited after hearing him talk.

My good buddy, Phil Silva, the equipment manager at Mississippi State where our new AD is from can not say anything but GREAT things about Greg Byrne! After this mornings meeting with him I can understand what Phil was telling me.

All Wildcat fans can feel certain that he is going to be a GREAT leader of this athletic department. One of the messages he told our staff this morning is how important our fans are, and how it is each and everyone of our jobs in the department to make sure our fans are satisfied.

I can not remember the last time I have been so excited about something. I have always said how fortunate I am to be a Wildcat at University of Arizona, but after this mornings meeting I feel even more excited than ever!

As I have noted on this blog many times, here in the equipment room, we are all about service, and that was his number one message: "we are all here to serve."

He also talked about how excited he is to be here in Tucson. He is ready to get here and get started.

Oh yeah, and for those of you worried about him graduating from need to worry. There is NO QUESTION where his loyalty is now. You have to believe me when I say, TODAY IS A GREAT WILDCAT WEDNESDAY!!!!!!!

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