Saturday, March 27, 2010

A GREAT Friday!

Yesterday was just another ordinary GREAT day as a Wildcat! As I have mentioned, J.T. Galloway is down in Tucson during his Spring Break this past week, so he joined Tim and I as we went to visit Jeff Bopp of the Seattle Mariners. The four of us had a short visit, but it was AWESOME. I am so proud to be associated with these three guys! I have so much to be thankful for, but being able to have worked with these 3 AWESOME guys has been a true blessing.

Tim and I returned to McKale and got ready for Friday practice in Arizona Stadium. We are having to practice a lot in the stadium since we are totally renovating our practice facility. Our newly renovated Jiminez Practice Facility is going to be so nice!

Our football coaches and players continue to work hard each day this spring to build on what Coach Stoops has built here the past six years. It is so encouraging to go out to practice each day and see the development of our players each practice. Coach Edmonds and his staff have once again done a GREAT job of developing our players during the winter, and now you can see the difference out on the practice field.

We are about to have a scrimmage over at the stadium this morning. I hope to have pictures and a short story about today's events. In the meantime, enjoy some pictures from yesterday.

Me with 3 SUPERSTARS of the industry (from Left to Right): Jeff Bopp, Seattle Mariners Clubhouse Attendant; Wendell, J.T. Galloway, University of Colorado Director of Equipment Operations; Tim Pfennig, UofA Equipment Manager:
Ryan Ewalt working hard catching up for passing drills during individuals:
Ryan Ewalt catching up for passing drills:

Mike Harlow helping run DB drills:

Managers working very hard as usual:
Zac Risdon catching up for the DB drill:

Coach Scelfo is already making a huge impact on our QB's and the entire offense!

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