Thursday, March 25, 2010

The Week Just Keeps Getting Better

Yesterday was a GREAT and EXCITING day with the official announcing of Greg Byrne as our new Athletic Director.

Today was another GREAT day because of the visitor we had today. I realize I throw out the word "BEST" a lot, but I have been blessed with the opportunity of working with some GREAT people, and one of the BEST dropped by today - J.T. Galloway who is the Director of Equipment Operations for the Colorado Buffaloes of the Big 12 Conference.

I had the pleasure of working with J.T. when he was a student at Washington State University in the early 1990's. I figured out real quick one thing extraordinary about J.T. He has NO enemies. J.T. is one of the rare kind of people in this world in that he has NO ONE who dislikes him! To know J.T. is to love him! If everyone in the world was like J.T., the world would have no problems. He would be the answer to world peace!

J.T. left Washington State after graduation and did an internship with University of Virginia. Then he went to the Atlanta Falcons as an intern, and left there as the number one full-time assistant. After the Falcons, he was the Head Football Equipment Manager for the Wake Forest Deacons of the ACC.

Not long after I arrived here at Universtiy of Arizona, I realized I needed to hire a hard working and loyal assistant to help me build what I dreamed of building here at the GREATEST school in the NCAA. I knew right away who I needed to hire and that was J.T. Galloway.

J.T. is the whole package!!! He made an immediate impact here at McKale. He deserves much of the credit for everything that has been accomplished here in the equipment room. He understands this business. He realizes that this is all about customer service and doing whatever is necessary to assist student-athletes, coaches and administrators. If I had to sum up J.T. in one word though, that word would be TRUST!

As I mentioned, J.T. deserves so much credit for so many things, and his impressions are still here today. Today, I rely on Tim Pfennig, just like I relied on J.T. 12 years ago. Having Tim as my right hand man today is just like having J.T. as my right hand man when he was here. Tim learned so much from J.T. when he first got here from University of North Carolina almost 8 years ago.

J.T. spent a few hours with us today since University of Colorado is on Spring Break and J.T. and his family are vacationing here in Tucson. We shared a lot of laughs and stories from years past.

I am so proud of everything J.T. has accomplished in his career as an equipment manager! He is one of the most respected equipment managers in the entire nation. Some might call me his mentor in this business, but I am here to tell everyone that I have learned much more from him then I could ever teach anyone about this business. It is funny how things work out. Because of my association with J.T. in this business, HE has made me a better equipment manager!!!

Two of the best guys I have ever had the pleasure of working with: Tim Pfennig and J.T. Galloway (Tim to my right and J.T. to my left):

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