Tuesday, March 2, 2010

NO! This is NOT the Exciting News

Well, today was a busy normal day in the equipment room as we continue to fit and re-fit football players for Spring Practice that begins this Friday.

Plus, today at 5pm is a Baseball game against UNLV, so Benny and his guys are busy getting the team ready for the game this afternoon.

Then I got a visit from two of my favorite cheerleaders, Jill Moore who is a Freshman from Orange County, and Kendall Conedera who is Senior from Scottsdale. The Cheerleaders are some of our best athletes in McKale, and some of the hardest workers.

We treat our Cheerleaders like all of the other student-athletes of our 19 varsity sports. They get work out gear and uniforms just like the other athletes.

Of course we get excited each time athletes, current and former, come by to say hello, but that is not the exciting news we are waiting to share with everyone. I am afraid many will think getting a visit from Jill and Kendall, along with MoMo Jones and Nic Grigsby within an hour of each other is a lot more exciting than what I am hoping to announce later this week.

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