Sunday, February 28, 2010

Spring Ball is Coming!!!!!!

I have been catching a little flack for not blogging very much this month of February. As I have told people, even though we have been busy, especially having early morning workouts twice a week, and having to arrive at 5am those mornings, the work has not been very news worthy.

This past week, we started re-fitting our players with their helmets and shoulder pads, and we have fit some of our new players.

This Friday we have Spring Practice number 1, and we are very excited about that! It is always exciting to get started back up out on the field, but this Spring Practice will be much more exciting with new Offensive and Defensive Coordinators.

The players have been working hard, as usual, in the weightroom and in the early morning workouts.

We do have some exciting news coming though, which should be coming early this week. Stay tuned

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