Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Nike is in the House

We had a GREAT day today with Nike's Men's Athletic Training/Field Sports Product Creation Team visiting our equipment room and talking with many of our student-athletes, coaches and equipment staff.

Nike is about many things, but the one thing that they do not get enough credit for is spending a lot of time and money developing product with feedback directly from athletes and using their feedback to design the best equipment in the world. To me, this is the main reason they are number one in the world in their business.

This team is responsible for so much of Nike's success! We were honored to have them visit with us today. For years, we have worked closely with Nike to help them develop product. For years we have field tested so much gear for them. We field test cleats for them all the time.

Much credit also goes to our staff of great equipment managers such as Tim Pfennig and Benny Conger who deserve a lot of credit for their hard work all year long for their work with our student athletes and the Nike development team. These two guys put in a great deal of effort to make this partnership work.

We are very fortunate to have a partnership with Nike (the world's GREATEST product) and a great relationship with many of their very dedicated team members. It is easy to see why Nike is so successful when you are able to spend a day with this team like we were able to do today.

Below are some pictures of their work with some of our student-athletes, coaches and equipment staff.

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