Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Exciting Day Today!!!

Well, the day got started for us in the equipment room very early this morning. Today was the first day of winter workouts, run by Coach Edmonds and his GREAT strength and conditioning staff.

Coach Stoops and the Strength and Conditioning staff put a huge emphasis on this portion of the process! The players work very hard for Coach Ed and Mike Stoops! That has been true from the first day they got here!

Then, after we got in from the practice field, we already had a couple of faxes in from High School players who faxed their National Letters of Intent to play for the Wildcats waiting for us in the football office. The coaches feel very good about all the players who signed and faxed in today. We have a reception tonight where many of our fans will come and listen to Coach Stoops talk about each player.

I feel certain all of these players will turn out to be great players and wonderful citizens, just like all of the other players that Coach Stoops has brought into this program.

Below are some pictures from early this morning.

Managers got here at 4:30 this morning to get these workouts ready for the team today:
Mike Baranowski and John Landwehr assist in getting the field ready this morning, way before the sun came up:
Mike Harlow and Zack Risdon get chutes ready:

Mgrs get the field ready early this morning:

Mike Harlow must have thought it was going to snow?????

Zack Risdon works on chutes:

Willie Salzman gets field ready by putting cones by an area that needs to be avoided:

Coach Edmonds looks after this drill, and ALL drills:

Brooks Reed and Ricky Elmore out front in this footwork drill:

Coach Hammerschmidt looks on as players run around the hoops:

PVC pipe hoops have always been a staple with this staff for drills:

Players hustling from one station to the next:

Players pushing the weights across the field:

Players working at the footwork drill station:

Players working hard with footwork:

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