Thursday, February 11, 2010

Homecoming.....of Sorts

A familiar voice rang throughout the equipment room this morning. I am sitting in my office, and I hear, "BEEEEEENNNNNNNNYYYYYYYYYYYYY". We hear that all the time, especially from the basketball window, but this voice brought back great memories.

We were all happy to see that it was one of our all time favorite players, Jordan Hill, now with the New York Knicks. With the NBA All-Star Game this weekend, we will see more guys just like Jordan. Benny told me that he heard Chase Budinger was due to be here for the weekend games too.

Then, with the Ducks having their shoot around in McKale right after lunch, Benny walked in to my office with Coach Dunlap, now an assistant coach with the Oregon Ducks. Even though Coach Dunlap was only here one year, we became very close to Coach Dunlap. He hung out in the equipment room a lot when he was here last year. Benny told me that he heard that Coach Pennell will be here tonight too, who coached here last year with Coach Dunlap. Hopefully Coach Pennell will stop by the equipment room for his favorite, a Diet Coke.

I was asked the other night, when I was addressing the Sports Marketing Association, what is the best part of my job. I told them that without a doubt, it is the relationships you develop with the student-athletes and coaches, and as I have said many times in these blogs, University of Arizona has had nothing but GREAT people as student-athletes and coaches. As a matter of fact, Tim and I just got a call from the Miami Dolphins equipment manager a few minutes ago, and during my conversation with him I asked him how Lionel Dotson was doing. He said he was doing well, but he immediately commented on what a great human being and nice kid he was. I told him, well, that is how all of our student-athletes are here. It makes me realize just how blessed I am with this job at UofA!!!

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