Thursday, March 19, 2009

Spring Break visitor

It is always fun to see former players, especially when they bring their families with them when they come back to visit.

Ray Wells and his wife brought their son, DJ, back to see us again this Spring Break. I met DJ last spring when they came back to watch Spring Football Game.

DJ has really grown up since last year. What a GREAT looking kid. He just turned 5 years old recently. He sure makes UofA gear look good.

DJ and I went out on the McKale floor and shot some hoops. His dad Ray are in town for the Willie Williams track meet.

Ray is like most of the Wildcat football players, GREAT people! Ray was fortunate enough to play some ball in the NFL.

What a beautiful family!

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raymond said...

What a great blog!! DJ had soooo much fun yesterday when we visited you. He took a long nap in the afternoon, and when he woke up the first thing he did was check to make sure his eye black was still in place on his face!! Thanks again for everything -- you're the best!! :)
Raymond, Arika, and DJ