Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Spring Ball Continues

John Landwehr wearing the fanny pack in the middle of the picture:
Well, we are probably a little more than halfway through our 2009 Spring Football practices and our Spring Game (scrimmage) will be this Saturday.

I realize I tend to be a little over positive when I reference our football team, but this Spring Football season has been fun to watch. I think the main reason is because I see the potential in having another good season next year.

I think the other reason I am so excited is because our managers are AWESOME. The nine managers we have coming back from this past fall are nine of the best I have ever worked with! In addition to those nine, we have a good number of very interested people who would like to join the student manager staff.

Some of these are existing students at the UofA, and others are from high schools from around the country. We have a couple of existing students that are showing interest, and they have joined us in helping out with Spring Football. Those two guys seemed to be great fits in joining our staff next August.

One of the two guys is Jack Banker who has been working with Benny in the equipment room helping him with Men's basketball and Baseball. Jack is from Indiana and would be a wonderful addition to the Football Student Manager staff. Jack is a freshman.

The other new person is John Landwehr. John is from Rancho Murieta California and a transfer from Loyola Marymount University.

Tim and I are going through a large list of candidates for the remaining spots to be filled. Just this morning we got a letter of interest from a guy in Texas, and we just interviewed an existing UofA student this morning originally from Chicago. It is hard not to get excited about any potential student manager from the windy city. We have had numerous managers from Chicago and vicinity and ALL of them were exceptionally good. She has agreed to join us the next few practices to observe exactly what we do each practice.

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