Monday, December 15, 2008

Truck is Leaving Tonight

Our truck drivers, Bob Keith and Bob Caprari, are heading up to Vegas after practice tonight. We have practice field items to load up after practice, then they are gone.

Benny and seven managers are leaving in the morning to unload the truck and set up our equipment room and locker room at UNLV. The other eight managers are going with Tim, and I on the team charter after practice tomorrow afternoon.

Benny and the managers have been loading the Equipment Truck since early this morning. Besides the trunks and team equipment, we are trucking 30 or more boxes for marketing, all of the luggage for the coaches and their families, plus all the players luggage.

Our Equipment Truck that we have used for over five years:

Benny and Adam strapping things down:

Benny has a log sheet for each of the coaches luggage as a checklist:

Harlow and Salzman helping out on the truck:

Willie using a players checklist to make sure all the players have checked bags:

Benny and Adam have done a GREAT job loading the truck:

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