Monday, December 1, 2008

Thank You Seniors

Colin working on Pop Up dummy for defensive line drills:

Colin looking for over throws during 7 on 7:

Colin working with Defensive Line:

Toni sewing:

Toni packing game uniforms:
Toni packing game jerseys:

Toni packing game pants:

This is the last week of regular season for six of our managers, and they will be honored before the game on Saturday along with the Senior players.

The six Managers are: Toni Elbert, from Sahuaro High School from here in Tucson; Colin Jordan, from St. Francis High School in Mountain View, CA; Adam Knapp from Canyon Del Oro High School in Tucson, AZ; Daniel Mercado from Woodside High School in Woodside, CA; Josh Rangel from Arcadia High School in Arcadia, CA; and Josh Reitzenstein from Beverly Hills High School in Beverly Hills, CA.

Toni is an Art major that would like to teach and run a local stained glass store after graduation. She enjoys Country Music, and her favorite artist is Kenny Chesney. She helps out in many areas on the field, but she is an outstanding worker inside the equipment room. We trust her every week with packing the game jerseys. She is masterful with the sewing machine and she will be very hard to replace!

Colin Jordan is a communication major that would like to work at the Administration level of an NFL team. His favorite movie is Wedding Crashers. He is from the Bay Area and very proud of it (which he should be)! With all the Californians on our staff, the Bay Area is best represented. He loves the Niners, Giants and Warriors of the NBA. His hobbies include dirt bike riding, video games and cars. He has worked with the Defensive Line during his four years here. This year he has done an exceptional job taking care of our visitors on game day. Every single Equipment Manager that has visited us this year mentions his name every time, even though he is one of three. Colin has that effect on people.

I will blog about the other seniors during the week.

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