Sunday, December 14, 2008

A Little Rainy Sunday Afternoon

Big news of the day is that we are getting a little rain today and it feels like winter today. Temperature is in the high 40's and it is gray and sprinkling rain.

We are heading over to Tucson High School to practice because they have Field Turf. Since the school is across the street we are able to drive the pick up truck over there with everything we need. Actually, for the first week of training camp back in August, we practiced there everyday. It is a very nice facility and close by.

Well, we spotted the truck out front of McKale and it is ready for loading all day tomorrow. We are having the players, coaches and staff to load their luggage on the truck during the day tomorrow so their luggage will be at the hotel when the team arrives on Tuesday afternoon.

Everything has fallen into place, and Tim and his staff deserve a lot of credit. They have worked extremely hard and that is why everything is going so smooth.

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