Thursday, December 11, 2008

Bowl Jerseys

The past few days have been extremely busy getting things in place for our trip to the Bowl Game. Too busy! Even too busy to blog.

Obviously everyone is very busy, not to mention the student managers are getting ready for final exams, which had to be pushed up for them because of the game. But Toni, one of our senior managers, spent most of today sewing the patches on our game jerseys for the game.

Most of today was getting bowl jerseys ready for game against BYU:

This is our patch for the Pioneer Las Vegas Bowl:

Before Toni sews the patches on, she heat presses them onto the jersey:

Toni is responsible for putting the patches on our bowl jerseys:

Toni putting Pioneer Las Vegas Bowl patch on game jersey:

Toni sewing patch on jersey in the equipment room:

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