Thursday, September 15, 2011


You can feel it when you arrive on campus every single Thursday of a home football game is time to play some football!!!!!!

Even when you get on campus real early in the morning, even before sunrise, you can feel it! Whether it is all the traffic directional markings out on the roads leading in to campus, or all the party rental tent companies putting up tents, you can just feel the excitement starting to swirl.

You can count on it, a little later this morning, there will be lines at the ticket office upstairs of people snatching up the remaining tickets. Visitors will start stopping by the equipment room, especially former players. It is just exciting!

Enterprise dropped off our equipment truck early this morning for us to use for hauling all the equipment to the stadium. Just another sign game time is getting close.

Well, as things pick up around campus, it also picks up here in the equipment room. Each Thursday morning of game week, 3 or 4 managers will come in between classes and put tape on our shoulder pads. Since we do not wear shoulder pads on Thursday practices, we started to tape on Thursday mornings just to better utilize our time. The tape will stay on the shoulder pads this way until Saturday when we start pulling jerseys onto the pads right before the team arrives to the stadium locker room from the hotel.

Below are a few pictures of 3 of our AWESOME student managers that have volunteered to come in and help out.

Brennan Smith, a freshman from here in Tucson, is putting tape on of the players we tape for every single game.

Robert Lloyd, one of our leaders and a senior from the Bay Area, is coming in and doing extra work as usual! Robert is doing a fantastic job in so many ways and so many areas. He will be hard to replace!

David Bodzin, another senior, is from Texas and is ALWAYS willing to come in and lend a hand! When we asked about people who could come in on Thursdays to help tape pads, David was first one to raise his hand, as usual.
Here, David is very careful to get the tape on the correct way.

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