Friday, September 16, 2011

Lending a Hand

As fun as yesterday was, the fun just gets better by the hour! Today is day before the game, and the excitement really starts to pick up!

The managers started showing up for their duties at 8am this morning in our home locker room, where we dropped of the player bags last night.

Then, at 10:30am, we met Stanford's equipment manager, Gary Hazelitt and his truck drivers to help them unload their equipment into their locker room. Gary is not only a GREAT equipment manager, but a really GREAT guy. I enjoy Gary as much as any other equipment manager! I always learn something new from him, and I ALWAYS laugh at his humor.

We will finish up with all of the player's lockers later this afternoon and we will have security set up at the locker room and set our alarms until we return tomorrow to finish up our work.

Below are some pictures of work going on over at Arizona Stadium this morning.

Painters work on south endzone this morning in preparation of tomorrow nights game against Stanford:

Looks like painters are working on one of the two Pac 12 logos on the playing field:

More painters working hard the day before the game! Here, they are working on the A at midfield:

This is our old video board, which we still use, in the north end of our stadium. The next picture will show you the difference with our new video board:

This is the new south end video board, as you can see, it is a considerable upgrade!

Stanford's equipment truck arrived to our stadium at around 10:30am today.

David Bodzin carries in sodas from the Stanford equipment truck:

Brennan Smith helps unload Stanford player bags into their locker room:

Gary Hazelitt, hand on truck, is Stanford's Head Equipment Manager, and a dang good one at that!

Benny working hard as usual, assisting Stanford with unloading their truck:

Robert Lloyd assist with some of Stanford's players bags:

Matt Sterling, one of our student equipment room assistants, helps Stanford unload this morning.

Amber Sipe, freshman from right here in Tucson (CDO H.S.), works on the helmet of one of her players this morning during her designated time to work in the locker room:

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