Monday, September 19, 2011

Another Great Job by the Equipment Staff

Well, the outcome of the game was not what we wanted, but we felt really good about our preparation for the game! Our 8 new students, and 1 new full time assistant now have a few weeks and a few games under their belts and it is making a HUGE difference!

I have always said, my number one role is to surround myself with great people, and I have done that! We have an OUTSTANDING equipment staff and I couldn't be any happier with our work and attitude.

Our staff does an incredible job each week in making sure we have our team ready to play the game. I think what I like the most is they get the job done and seem to have a GREAT time doing it. I have said this before, but we have awesome leadership and 8 incredible new managers that are picking things up rapidly!

I have told many people close to me that I can't remember the last time I had this much fun coming to work. It is so much fun to see things come together as planned.

Like I said, we sure wish the outcome of the game was better, but we see our team improving after playing such a tough schedule. This will be the third Top 10 team in a row that we have had to play. Many of our younger players are really getting an opportunity to learn the college game at an extremely high level.

Below are some pictures of our work this past Saturday in our game against Stanford.

Kristen Javens, a freshman from Chicago, cleans a pair of shoes for the game:

Derek Janssen helps clear out trunks from the locker room to give us more room to work:

Michael Barnett sprays a little ReekOut on a pair of game gloves:

Kristen checks a pair of game gloves before the team arrives:

David Bodzin moves trunks from the locker room to the hallway before we take them to the sideline:

Jordan Aronson, a freshman from Boston MA area, helps get the locker room set up properly.

Mike Valentine double checks each locker before the team arrives to the stadium:

Many home game weekends, we host recruits from all over the nation, and I always speak to them before the team arrives at to the locker room:

This is what we set up to display equipment for our recruits:

Dana Cooper, of IMG, always checks to make sure communication is set for post game locker room interviews:

Longtime friend, Andre Moore of Houston, TX, came to Tucson to spend the weekend and game with me:

This is what the recruits saw when they walked in the team locker room:

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