Friday, September 9, 2011

Well, the team didn't play at their best, and it did not help we were playing one of the best teams in the country at their place, before a very hostile crowd. It was a great college football environment for a Thursday night ESPN game.

Even though the game did not turn out great for the Wildcats, our equipment staff did a GREAT job and the entire trip was very smooth and successful.

As usual, our student managers did an OUTSTANDING job of getting our team ready to play. Benny Conger and Mike Valentine also did a GREAT job of leading our students into action. We are so fortunate and blessed to have such good people in our equipment operations!

Below are some pictures of our work to get our team ready to compete against the Cowboys.

David Bodzin starts out the process soon after we arrive the night before the game by unpacking player travel bags in to lockers:

Benny and the managers did a GREAT job of getting our truck unloaded into our locker room on Wednesday night:

Wes Edwards, head equipment manager at OSU, and his GREAT staff did a tremendous job with hospitality for us:

Jordan Gobel pushes trunks to the locker room, as Benny goes back to the truck compound to get more:

Lots of TV trucks in Stillwater for the game against the Cowboys:
Bob and Bob, the two best drivers in the world, had to be spotted in the truck loading dock area by 9am on Wednesday. ESPN actually did two separate broadcast of the game and there were many trucks in the compound!

Our newest staff member, Mike Valentine, assist with off loading our truck on Wednesday evening:

The managers set out helmets that need touching up with paint soon after we unload into a visiting locker room:

Trunk 27 is our extra helmet trunk. We have to make sure we have back ups if we need them during a game: or while we are on the road:

Benny is our touch up pro of the staff!

After each managers makes a list of their players that need touching up with paint, they set their helmets out on the night before the game so Mike and Benny can make them look real nice!

Mike touches up a helmet on Wednesday night when we set everything out:

David Bodzin pulls a jersey over a set of pads:

I pose in a picture with one of the true legends in our profession, Jim "Shorty" Kleinau. Shorty worked with Mike Stoops while Coach was at Kansas State.

Billy gets something out of a container in Trunk 3, one of our most valuable trunks on the road that Michael Barnett is in charge of packing for each trip. Mike does an OUTSTANDING job with Trunk #3

Mike double checks some paper work before he moves on his list, as Billy puts out valuable bags in each players locker:

Jordan gets Earl's jersey ready for the game against the Cowboys:

Robert pulls Kadeem Carey's jersey over his pads before the team arrives:

Mike enjoys his work on a pair of shoulder pads:

These are two of the coaches trunks that I unload to set up lockers for our coaches:

Billy and Robert get shoulder pads ready before they pull jerseys over the pads:

Jordan pulls another jersey over a pair of pads in preparation:

Billy putting two clothes hangers in each players locker so they have a way to hang up what they wear to the stadium:

Mike Barnett puts some finishing touches on a pair of game shoes before the team arrives:

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