Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Great Job, Thank You Coach Comm

I ordered the new Tempest sideline communication system from Coach Comm a week ago, and Adam Frank of Coach Comm came into town this past Friday and installed the system in our current Coach Comm trunk, along with our NG system.

We had frequency problems at home against NAU and I felt that our older technology had seen its better days, so I confirmed that with Frank Hiett at Coach Comm and we went ahead and bought the new Tempest system. After the game against Stanford, no one was happier than Coach Stoops, and maybe Benny Conger and Mike Valentine. When Coach Stoops headset works well it is better for everyone!

Benny and the managers do an OUTSTANDING job with Coach Comm communication every single game and it can be taken for granted most of the time; but when there are problems, you realize how good we have it most of the time.

There is no better outfit than Coach Comm to take care of all your communication needs! I have been very fortunate to have a close relationship with them since we went wireless with them back in 1997 when I was with Washington State University. I just remember how happy our coaches were at WSU that year, and even happier when we went to the Rose Bowl. I still give much of the credit to Coach Comm and of course, Ryan Leaf.

Anyway, Channel 4 came out to do a story on our set up, and it was ironic that they did the story on the day that we launched Tempest. By the way, we had ZERO problems this game!

Click on the link below to see the story:



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