Monday, April 6, 2009

2009 Spring Game White vs Blue

Well the Spring Game was a huge success, and it actually had a very exciting ending. Matt Scott threw a touchdown pass to Terrell Turner on the last play of the game to win it for the White Team over the Blue Team.

Once again, we had many visitors for the game. We even had some hang out in the equipment room with us for awhile. I am trying to get better at asking for pictures, but I forget too much of the time.

Pictured below is Barrett Baker's beautiful family. They were nice enough to come down and visit with us for some time after the game. Barrett will go down as one of the nicest players of all time. He was a key member of our 12-1 Holiday Bowl Championship team.

Barrett Baker, Team Captain of the 1998 Holiday Bowl Champions and his family:

Part of the very nice crowd for the game:

Erick Harper (left) talking to Terry Swartz of Nike during the game:

From left to right: Chris Henry of the Tennessee Titans, Wilrey Fotenot of the Arizona Cardinals, and Mike Thomas (Pac 10 Career Receptions Leader)

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