Wednesday, April 8, 2009

It's Miller Time

Yesterday was another exciting day to come to work at McKale Center. After a long wait, Jim Livengood brought his guy, Sean Miller, to Tucson so he could introduce him to the media and a host of loyal fans.

Coach Miller also had his family with him for the introduction. His wife Amy, and three boys also seemed excited about the frenzy. They arrived at McKale with hundreds of Zona Zoo fans chanting and cheering for the new coach. Coach Miller went through the large student body of fans and shook hands and thanked them for coming.

The students were not the only fans happy with Livengood's choice. Many people flooded the lower level of McKale and the floor to witness the new era of basketball in Tucson.

The first thing Coach Miller did was thank Coach Olson for being in attendance and he told Coach Olson that he was honored to be the coach that carries on the tradition he started.

Many were in attendance at the Sean Miller press conference:

Coach Miller addressing the media at the press conference on the floor of McKale Center:

Coach Miller addressing the reporters on the floor of McKale:

Steve Kerr and Coach Olson two of the many excited Wildcats in attendance at the press conference:

Jim Livengood very happy and all smiles at the press conference:
The best AD in the business with his newest coach, Sean Miller:

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