Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Spring Cleaning

Part of the football off season is getting organized for the next season. Yes, the work never seems to end.

To me, the official ending of a football season is when your helmets and shoulder pads go off to the reconditioner. Well, since Fed Ex picked up our 30 bags yesterday, today is the first official day of "off season".

One of the things we noticed in working on our helmet and shoulder pad order during inventory was that our Pad Room which stores all of our helmet and shoulder pads, as well as accessories for those pads had lots of years of un-used stuff. Plus, we have decided to issue and fit "concussion reduction" style of helmets from here on out. We still have a few VSR-4 helmets, but we are only going to use those on individual situations where Revolutions do not fit or work properly.

So, we are completely starting over with stocking that room. Benny is in charge of the operation and is doing a great job. He is so familiar with Riddell product since he worked at their factory for awhile. He is such an asset, not only for his hard work and knowledge, but the guy is funnier than all get out. It seems all we do anymore around here is laugh (which is a GREAT thing!!).

Another thing we have noticed is that the label on the CPX pads (which we now use exclusively) which lets the customer know what style and size the pads are come off way too often. So to remedy that problem, we are engraving the style and size on each pad. We will now make that standard operating procedure when they come in new. We have always engraved an inventory number on each pad when they arrive new.

Along with the project, we are taking all of the VSR-4's out of there along with the facemask and parts. We are also now taking all of our non CPX pads to surplus stores. We are no longer offering the PM pads.

Some of the never worn CPX pads we still have left over from this past season waiting for an engraving job:

Zac Cook helping out with organizing of the Pad Room:

Tim and crew working hard in Pad Room getting organized for next season:

Tim engraving style and size on the CPX pads before putting them away:

Tim and Banker getting organized in Pad Room:

Benny putting the newly engraved CPX pads away by style, and having fun doing it:

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