Thursday, April 16, 2009

Reconditioning Preperation

For the last couple of days, the managers have been coming in individually and carefully going through each of their drafted players helmets and shoulder pads and recording information to help us check those items in when they return from the plant.

I believe this is very important for a few reasons.

One thing it does is familiarize the managers with the equipment. It helps them be able to tell the difference between different styles of helmets and shoulder pads.

The other thing that it does is keep records up to date. From time to time during the season players change things with their equipment and it does not always get recorded and documented. Record keeping is essential in my opinion. It always allows you to know up to date data in terms of what your players wear and easier to break down by position. Knowledge is powerful.

Then the other important thing that it does is give you a record of what each player was last wearing so if by accident the factory did something different than what we sent we know how to adjust that. Sometimes name or number recognition on a particular piece of equipment can get lost while of being reconditioned. Doing this exercise makes it very easy to see what piece of equipment belongs to what player.

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