Friday, April 30, 2010

An All American Week!!!!!!

Earlier this week we had Riddell/All American reps in our place to go over and inspect all of our equipment before we shipped it off to San Antonio for our annual reconditioning.

Reconditioning is without a doubt one of the single most important things we do as equipment managers. Riddell/All American takes each and every single piece of equipment and cleans it, inspects it, then re-certifies it for another year.

Not only is Riddell/All American the leaders in this industry, but they employ some of the best people in the business. We had 3 of their best come and do our reconditioning this past week.

Below are some pictures from earlier this week:

Two of our favorite football players, Chris Merrill (left) of Scottsdale, AZ, and Jowyn Ward (right) of Katy Texas, both defensive tackles, stopped by to see what was going on in the equipment room before they went to workouts with Coach Edmond:We had all the helmets that we wore this past year on the floor for everyone to inspect for reconditioning:

Jeff Watson takes a close look at each helmet before it is sent off:

Dan Vooletich taking a close look at our helmets as he inspects each and every single helmet we wore this past year:

Benny Conger going through players equipment on top of cubby's:
Taylor Hanohano of Riddell (blue shirt) came down from Phoenix to help with our reconditioning.

Tim Pfennig takes a close look at a pair of shoulder pads:

After close inspection by our equipment staff, and the Riddell/All American reps, the pads are stacked and ready to load in shipping bags:

Jeff Watson is the local Riddell/All American rep here in Tucson:

At this point, we are loading the shoulder pads into the bags. We fit 10 shoulder pads in each brown shipping bag:

After everything is checked over and inspected by the Riddell/All American reps, they are loaded into bags and ready for FedEx to pick them up for shipment to the plant in San Antonio, Texas:

Getting ready to take the 25 bags up to the truck for shipment to All American plant for reconditioning:

More bags headed to the FedEx truck for shipment to San Antonio:

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