Friday, May 7, 2010


There are only a handful of companies that manufacture outdoor field equipment for football, but Rogers Athletics is number one! Not only is Rogers the equipment that all the programs go for, we all want to work with John Green.

John is one of those rare people (like JT Galloway, University of Colorado Equipment Manager) that has no enemies! To know John is to love him. He has that unique quality in a salesman that he makes each of his MANY satisfied customers feel like they are the biggest and best customer he has.

John is always on the road doing exhibits for Rogers during the year, but he is still easy to get hold of. You see, he also works hard! Because he is on the road doing shows so much, he doesn't get around to schools as much as he would like; but recently he made a trip to see us here at UofA.

Any equipment manager you talk to will tell you that John is the BEST! We felt very honored to have him as our guest. I recently called John, just to get his expert opinion on something we were wanting to do out on our renovated practice field, and because he was doing work in Phoenix, and even though he didn't have the bid for the job, he still drove down to take a look at our project in progress to see if he could help any further. See what I mean? He is a GREAT guy!

Thanks John, for all that you do! Not just for us at UofA, but for everyone in our business!

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