Monday, April 12, 2010

Spring Football Game Re-cap

Saturday seemed to be a huge success for the team, including the equipment staff. This spring has been a little bit more difficult considering most of our practices were at Salpointe High School. For one thing, we practiced at 6am when we went there, then that also meant we had to haul equipment each practice.

The good news is that the managers pulled all of this off with no real problems, and more importantly, no one complained about the extra work, even with having to get to work at 4am for each practice.

Now we start gathering all of the players gear and start getting ready for 2010 season!!!! We will start getting the helmets and shoulder pads ready for reconditioning. We will also clean out lockers and get ready for our new players who will begin arriving in early June!!!!! That is always an exciting time. I know our coaches are very excited about the new players we signed this past February.

Below are some pictures from Saturdays game:

Coach Stoops talks to Terry Swartz of Nike before the Spring Game. Coach is decked out in the new shirt for next season:
Robert Lloyd catches up and hands balls of the Ryan Ewalt during pre game drills:
Tim Kish calling the defensive plays for the defense during the game:

Mike Harlow and Zack Risdon working the defensive sideline during the game:

Jordan Gobel holding on to a couple of jackets for Coach Stoops. Even though the weather was nice and warm, Nike was here to take pictures of coach in new gear for next season so they can advertise the new merchandise.

Michael Barnett running balls during the game:

Ryan Ewalt tossing ball to QB's during passing drills before the game:

Earl Mitchell and Lance Briggs were on the sideline lending support to Coach Stoops and the football team:

Zac Cook was on hand for the Spring Game to help out anyway he could:
Nice crowd turned out for the Spring Game. Weather was perfect!

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