Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Great Practice This Morning

Once again, the managers showed up for work this morning at 4am! We have been working out this spring at 6:00am each morning, so we have to get to work at 4am.

Not only are our managers showing up on time each morning, they are doing a GREAT job and they are doing it with a smile on their face and with joy in their heart. This job is so much about attitude, and these kids show up each morning ready to make our team better, anyway they can!

We have another early morning tomorrow, then the Spring Game on Saturday. It is hard to believe that Spring Ball is almost over. I was telling Erick Harper, Director of Football Operations, this morning at practice that we will blink and then be heading to Fort Huachuca. He asked me if I had come up with a t-shirt design yet for camp there this August. It made me think that I had better start thinking about it pretty soon. We are already getting excited about 2010 Football Season!!!!!

Below are a few pictures from this mornings practice at Salpointe:

Zack Risdon, of Illinois, works hard to keep Defensive Back drills going:
Robert Lloyd, of the Bay Area in California, waits for balls to be thrown back in during passing drills early this morning:

John Landwehr, of California, plays quarterback during one on one drills between the offensive line and defensive line:
Mike Harlow, of Idaho, helps out with defensive back drills:

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