Monday, July 27, 2009

We are Getting Into Full Swing Now

Tomorrow we have a few of the managers coming in early to help us get even more ready for the upcoming season. It looks like all of us have had a chance at a vacation or two this summer and now we are all back and ready to get things going.

We have done a pretty good job of putting things away as they come in during the summer, but with time off and vacations, it gets tough sometimes to keep up.

All of the managers report this Friday for the season. The players report on Tuesday officially, even though all of them have been here almost the entire summer. As a matter of fact, we have been able to fit many of the players already.

The seamstress will be here Thursday to custom fit the coaches slacks. From there, the next few weeks will seem like a blur.

The fun has officially begun today!!!!!! I posted a few pictures for you to enjoy:

Zac Cook getting ready to count in basketball gear that just arrived for the year:

Tim getting Tom up to date on things after Tom's vacation:

Jeff making sure we have inventory barcodes ready to put on pkgs for the cabinet:

Daniel is not only the hardest working guy we have, he is the nicest too:

We got our cabinets all loaded up with barcoded gear:

Benny drilling holes for strap locks on the helmet:

Benny fitting Kyle Day in his Riddell Revolution IQ helmet:

Austin getting Coach Stoops gear ready for his locker:

Armando having a social moment with the hardest worker in the room, Daniel:

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