Tuesday, July 28, 2009

More Help Arrived Today

We are very fortunate to have a very nice staff of student football equipment managers, and they all officially report this Friday. Each year we have a few that come in a few days early and help us get a jump on the first day. This year we had Jordan Bates, Ben Hulka, and Ryan Ewalt come in early to join Jeff Gallego (Sahauro HS, Tucson) that has worked in here all summer.

Today they are busy getting all the gloves barcoded and put away in the cabinet right next to the issue window. Gloves are something we issue everyday, so we store them handy to the window. Gloves are a very important piece of equipment that each player wears everyday.

We are still fitting and re-fitting about 20 players a day in their Riddell Helmets and Riddell CPX shoulder pads. The new Speed Revolution helmet is a hit among the players. We will definitely be wearing every single Speed helmet we brought in this season. We will only fit Revolution style helmets on our kids this season, whether it is the IQ or the Speed.

We are also very fortunate to have a bunch of really good guys on our football team!!! It is an absolute JOY to work with all of them. Our players really seem to appreciate our work that we do for the team. We love having them stop by and chit chat with us during this time. All of them seem very excited about the upcoming season. Tomorrow is their last day of summer lifting.

Two of our many favorites, Jovon Hayes and Herman Hall (George Bush HS in Houston):

Tim refits Robert Golden in his Riddell CPX shoulder pads:

Rob Gronkowski goes through refit of his Riddell helmet and CPX shoulder pads:

Jordan Bates, Orlando, FL, hit the door working with Benny on fitting helmets:

You have to have plenty of Nike gloves to get through a season:

Ryan Ewalt, El Paso, TX, putting gloves in drawers:

Ben Hulka, Chicago IL, getting glove cabinet ready:

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