Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Gearing up!

Tim and I are here by ourselves, just like yesterday (poor Tim). Benny, Tom, Armando and Zac are all still on vacation.

Today we got many of our Nike shoes delivered. Yesterday, all of our new CPX shoulder pads hit the door. We are getting close, and we are EXCITED!!!

The players are working incredibly hard, and seem to have a winning attitude. Nic Grigsby came by yesterday admiring the new Speed helmet. He is a regular visitor to the equipment room. I always joke with him that when his playing days are over in the NFL, he needs to become an equipment manager. He loves talking shop with us.

Coach Dykes hung out with us some yesterday too. He is another regular visitor to the eq room. Even though he and Coach Nichol can never wait to get their new stuff each year, he generally doesn't come down for the gear and equipment, he just likes to visit. He, just like his older brother Rick who coached here with Coach Mackovic, is just a GREAT guy. Also just like Rick, he likes taking us to lunch every now and then.

July is one of my least favorite months for a few reasons. Mainly because a lot of the people I enjoy being around all the time are gone on vacation. Plus, it begins to be like a child at Christmas time, the days leading up to the start of football season just seem to drag on. I am definitely ready for camp to start.

As we get closer to camp starting, I hope to have more to write about. Then my goal is to blog as much as possible from start to end of the upcoming football season.

Oh yeah, with Benny being out on vacation, Tim and I got to issue the gear to 3 of our new basketball players. Wow, these guys are exciting to have around. They are great guys too!!! Sean Miller is the REAL DEAL!!!!!!

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