Friday, August 26, 2011

We Are Getting Very Close to Game Week!!!

Well, some of the players came to the window today and told me that I looked a little stressed. Dang, I can't fool them anymore! The good news is that I am barely stressed, and the even better news is that I am NOT stressed out.

Fortunately, we have very fun jobs that are incredibly rewarding and enjoyable, but there are times where the stress level can sneak up on you.

Today we broke out some game shoes for the players to start working in and breaking in for the NAU game. Even though we issued them the exact shoes they have been wearing all camp, AND even though we have been communicating with them all camp about what they want to wear and what is most comfortable and perform the best.....we still have almost a quarter of the team come up to the window before practice and either tweaked sizes, or changed styles of shoes all together. Fortunately, we were able to accommodate all of their request.

Tomorrow will be a long day of work, and every single minute will be focused on getting ready for our first game of the season against a very good and TOUGH team, the Lumberjacks of NAU. It is always fun to play the Lumberjacks because that means I get to see one of my favorite equipment managers in the business, George Fox. It is always great to visit with George. I always learn something when I visit with George.

Below are some pictures from yesterday's practice.

Defensive scouts are doing their best to make it tough on our kickers on FG's and PAT's:

Robert Lloyd and others are working with QB's during special teams practice:
Colby Matzke, from McKinney, TX works with Coach Kish and the linebackers. Colby is in his first season as a student manager, but in his second year as a student at the UofA.

Dane Schrader, from Monterrey, CA snaps to our QB's during passing drills. This is Dane's first season as a manager, second year in school a UofA:


mujockwasher said...

Damn Wendell, you described our Sunday here to a T, I really dislike the day we hand out game shoes, because the kids will bring back the dang shoes they have been in for three weeks and tweak all the sizes and styles and the D-line all think they need vapors and we have to sell easy one of them on why they just can't do it.

But this day is not as bad as the 1st day of school walk ons, we got 21 this year.

scarlet reynolds said...

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