Thursday, August 25, 2011

Introducing Some of the New Faces

There have been some changes with our football equipment operations over the off season, and I have taken on a much more involved role with the day to day operations. I am very fortunate to have so many good people around me in this overall operation, so this transition has been really smooth.

With football moving into the new North End Zone facility in a couple of years, I decided to move some responsibilities around. Of course, with baseball leaving McKale, that has factored in to the thinking as well.

With all of this said, I feel very good about what we have going on and where we are going with our equipment operation. One thing is for sure, we did a GREAT job of bringing in some new managers. With 5 of them true freshman, the future is really bright; and with the senior leaders we have this year, those new freshmen are being trained by some of the best!

We start off each practice with special teams. Jordan Gobel, one of our senior leaders, is once again coordinating special teams practice with Coach Hammerschmidt.

Benny Conger has really stepped up this year and has made a huge impact on our football equipment operations. He is an extremely popular and fun guy to have in the program. All of us, including the coaches and players, love working with Benny.

One of our very trusted senior leaders, Mike Barnett, has saved the day for us with his new found knowledge of our new practice clock from Coach Comm. Mike Stoops watches our practice clock very close and he depends on us to make sure we stay on time. The clock is AWESOME, but the operator, Mike, is even better! Mike has worked with the manufacturer directly with any questions or problems we may have had with the new clock and has made sure we stay on time each day.

Joe Xavier is a freshman from the Bay Area in California. Joe came highly recommended from one of our past student managers, Colin Jordan. Colin did many great things for us as a student manager, but sending Joe to us has to be one of the best things he has ever done.

Robert Lloyd, another one of our senior leaders, is once again hustling around on the practice field. Robert is once again working with Coach Scelfo and the Quarterbacks. Robert worked with us all summer in the equipment room, and we would not have made it this summer without him. He has turned out to be one of the best I have ever worked with.

Kristen Javens (pictured with white cap on), is a freshman from Chicago, IL. She works with Coach Salave'a on the practice field.

Amber Sipe (holding the stick ball) is a freshman from CDO H.S. here in Tucson. She works along side veteran, Jordan Gobel (pictured) with the defensive line.

Brennan Smith is a freshman from here in Tucson. She went to Pusch Ridge Christian. She works with the defensive backs, along side David Bodzin, a veteran from Dallas Texas.

Jeremy Rosenthal (left) and Jordan Aronson (right) are both new to the program. Jeremy is originally from here in Tucson (Catalina Foothills HS), and spent time with the Oklahoma Sooners; Jordan is from Boston MA and is a freshman. Jeremy is assisting with practices only.

Benny and new full time assistant, Mike Valentine, talk things over during practice. Mike comes to us from Southern Illinois......the Salukies! He is orignially from Indianapolis, IN and has also spent time at Tulane University. We are very fortunate to have Mike on our team. He fits in perfectly!

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