Friday, June 18, 2010

Welcome Kelly Sharitt and the Utah Utes

We are excited about having Kelly Sharitt, Utah Equipment Manager, and J.T. Galloway, former UofA assistant equipment manager and head equipment manager at Colorado to the conference.

Also, I would like to thank Dan Vooletich and Marty Cothern of Riddell for coming in yesterday to help us fit our new players in helmets and shoulder pads! These two guys fit many of the NFL teams and players, and they were nice enough to come assist us.

They are also speaking at our clinic which is tomorrow.

Everyone have a GREAT weekend!

All twelve helmets of the Pac 10:Utah Utes and Colorado helmets:

(from left to right): Dan Vooletich, Tim Pfennig and Marty Cothern:

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