Monday, May 25, 2009

Memorial Day

Well, I am up in Toledo, Ohio to watch the Wildcat golf team compete for the NCAA National Championship at Inverness Golf Club. Tomorrow is the first round of the tournament. Oh yeah, my son, Tyler, is also competing for the Wildcats.

My wife, Cindy, and I arrived in Detroit yesterday and came down to Toledo to get settled in to our hotel for the week. This morning, she and I drove over to Youngstown, Ohio to see Cardinal Mooney High School where Coach Mike and Mark Stoops went to high school. For the past years I have learned so much about Cardinal Mooney and Youngstown and I wanted to go see for myself.

There is so much history there, plus there were so many great people who also went to Cardinal Mooney, including Frank Buffano. Anyway, I was NOT disappointed. I have been wanting to go for awhile now and since the golf team is up here, I thought I would take advantage.

The highlight was getting to see Uncle Jim Stoops, which is Coach Mike and Mark Stoops uncle. He just lets me call him uncle. Cindy and I got to visit with him at his house in Canfield. What a blast. I love visiting with him, and it was a treat to visit with him on his back porch of his house.

On the way back to Toledo, we drove through Cleveland.

We are excited about watching the team tomorrow.

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