Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Happy Cinco de Mayo!!!!!

We did our part today in celebrating Cinco de Mayo by cooking Carne Asada out on the new grill and serving up Carne Asada burros and tacos for lunch today.

We had a GREAT turnout on the practice field for lunch today. We served fresh tortillas with carne asada, sour cream, guacamole, fresh pico de gallo, chips, and Cindy's outstanding fresh salsa. Wendell even broke out the red cabbage slaw.

We served the football and basketball coaches. It was the first event where both staffs were together for a little event. As usual, the weather was perfect and everyone had fun. It is easy to have fun with those two staffs!!!! I have been saying since we hired Coach Miller as our new basketball coach, he and his assistants are so similar to Coach Stoops and his staff it is scary (scary good of course). Both staffs are incredibly nice and very appreciative of the very smallest thing you do for them.

One thing was for sure after today's lunch. We will do it again!!! This was a trial run with the new grill, but everyone seemed to have fun. The only bad part was that Tom got sick and had to go home today, so he missed out.

I think the best part was having Daniel out there with us, especially since he once again did all the work. He insisted on cutting up the steaks after they were grilled. He is without a doubt the hardest working guy in McKale, but what really sets him apart is that he is one of the nicest and most fun guys in McKale too. We love having him around. He takes so much pride in making sure our equipment room and locker rooms are the kept extremely neat and clean. He is the best ever!!!!!

Tim and Benny keeping an eye on things:

Daniel, the hardest working guy in McKale, saved the day with all of the work:

Cindy and Daniel doing a lot of work, as usual:

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