Saturday, January 31, 2009

What a GREAT Night!!!!!

For the first time in years, the University of Arizona Football program hosted an awards banquet to honor its players, and mainly the Seniors.

At the Westin LaPaloma last night, Coach Stoops and his staff honored all of the Seniors and the host of players that have won awards for this past season. When it was all said and done, you could almost say it was a banquet to honor our head coach, Mike Stoops.

Coach was greeted at the microphone with a standing ovation from the fans, boosters, administration, parents, but more noticeable was the players. Coach was his humble self and immediately deflected all of the praise to all the coaches wives, who he said "sacrifice so much".

All of the players mentioned how much they appreciated and love Coach Stoops. Even Mike Thomas explained, at first chance given, how the shoving incident was so misunderstood. It seemed that every single player mentioned that Coach Stoops was not only a great coach, but they all felt they would better men after playing for him.

Tim Cummins, who is in charge of Sports Video for football, put together an AWESOME highlight video of the season. He also put together a video honoring the Senior players.

Coach could not thank the Seniors enough for all that they had done for the program and for him. All in all, it was an incredible night. The food was awesome and the program was even better!

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