Friday, March 25, 2011

Back In the Saddle Again

Well, we were back into it on Wednesday, the first day of Spring Football practice! It was a GREAT day of weather and football.

For us as a staff, it couldn't have been much better! We had to break in a bunch of new help, with the graduation of so many seniors. Many would expect to have many big problems, but our student veterans did an OUTSTANDING job of leading the new people.

For Tim and I, we were very pleased. Our coaches were pleased as well. After practice, and even throughout this morning, I visited with each coach individually to make sure all of their needs were met, and to a man, everyone of them were pleased.

Now, for me, it has been different! I seem to be busier than normal with so much going on. Tim and I have interviewed close to 20 people for new positions available and it has seemed non-stop! The great news is that we have so many great applicants. It will be hard to turn down so many good ones.

Below are some pictures of Wednesday's practice. I am headed out now for today's practice.

Some things never change, the managers are still snapping balls to the quarterbacks every single day of practice:

Some of the new managers gathering up ball bags between periods:

David Bodzin, a veteran of one whole semester, hustles after a ball during team:

One of our leaders, Robert Lloyd, runs team portion of practice.

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